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"Uzbekistan Pass" tourist interactive service was created by the company "TNH Sarmoya" LLC on the basis Presidential Decree of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. PP 3217 of August 16, 2017. The purpose of creating the service is to create the most favorable and comfortable conditions for foreign tourists planning to visit Uzbekistan.

"Uzbekistan Pass" tourist interactive service includes an Internet portal, a mobile application and consists of the following systems:

1. "Uzbekistan Pass" system of loyalty and discounts. The given system will allow to save tourists’ money at purchases of the goods and services across all Uzbekistan. The travel saving factor is very important and loyalty systems are significantly developed all over the world, it serves as an important and additional factor in the attractiveness of the tourism market. This system provides discounts in places of public catering, hotels, mountain resorts, shopping and entertainment centers, health centers, cultural establishments, parks, attractions and transport services.

2. Mobile guidebook with navigation throughout Uzbekistan (mobile application). The application will allow tourists to find accurately the desired places to visit throughout the territory of Uzbekistan. All tourist spots and attractions (museums, mosques, madrassas, memorials, monuments, parks, ensembles, squares and mausoleums) are included in this navigation system. In addition, the navigation system comprises catering places, shopping centers, centers of masters of folk art, entertainment and cultural establishments, hotels, mountain resorts, airports, bus stations, banks, bazaars and many other places.

3. "Uzbekistan Pass" online booking system of hotels. This system allows you to pay for hotel services online from any spot of the world through the system of currency acquiring of the international payment system VISA (MasterCard at the testing stage). Unlike international hotel booking systems, "Uzbekistan Pass" provides an opportunity for active savings while receiving substantial discounts when booking rooms throughout Uzbekistan.

4. Interactive services for booking tables in restaurants and teahouses, taxi call service, emergency services, a 24-hour hotline for tourist support and all the useful information needed by a foreign tourist.

5. Medical insurance for the period of stay in Uzbekistan. The insurance policy must be purchased together with the discount card "Uzbekistan Pass". The insurance policy is provided by the best private insurance company of Uzbekistan - «Gross Insurance LLC». Regarding medical policy, it is served by the best private clinics on the basis of the best world standards throughout the territory of Uzbekistan. Foe detailed information view here.

6. Advantageous tariff plan from UMS mobile operator.

Providing safety during the period of travelling around Uzbekistan. The "Alarm button" in the "Uzbekistan Pass" mobile application is a guarantee of security for every foreign visitor of the country during his stay. Instant response and support from the tourist police under the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Uzbekistan, the hot line of the State Committee for Tourism Development and the insurance company, as well as the quick call of all emergency services.

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