INSTRUCTION. For a foreign tourist, the user of the Uzbekistan Pass services in case of an insured event in the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Having activated a discount cart, a foreign tourist as a user of the Uzbekistan Pass project, automatically becomes insured under the General Insurance Contract, from the risks of medical expenses as a result of accidents. Under the General Agreement, the Insurer covers unexpected expenses of a foreign tourist in the event of an accident or sudden illness of the insured person, requiring emergency medical care, and if necessary, outpatient or inpatient treatment. Moreover, according to the current rules, repatriation is covered in order to move the remains of the Insured Person by any accessible and adequate vehicle to the airport of the country of permanent residence. In case of an insured event, please fulfill the following actions:

  1. Go to the "Insurance Assistance" special section of the mobile application of the Uzbekistan Pass;
  2. Dial the short number 1166 of the Insurer’s Customer Support Center
  3. When connecting with the coordinator of the Insurer’s Customer Support Center, describe the necessary medical assistance, your location, the number of the discount card, your name and the circumstances of the accident;
  4. If you do not speak English, Russian or Uzbek, please contact the accompanying person (guide) or the reception of the hotel where you live to assist in connection with the coordinator of the Customer Support Center of the Insurer at 1166;
  5. You can also find the nearest service clinic through the special section "Insurance Assistance" and come to this clinic yourself. Having arrived, you should notify the Insurer about your location, the number of the discount card, your name and the circumstances of the accident calling short number 1166.
After a telephone call, the emergency medical service will be sent to you, which will provide you with proper medical care, and if necessary, hospitalizes. In the event of impossibility to contact the Assistance Service, the Insured person can independently pay the expenses associated with the insurance event. In this case, the Insured person within three years has the right to write to the Insurant, informing about the incident and demanding compensation for expenses, with the provision of supporting documents. In case of death of the Insured person, it will be necessary to transport his remains by any accessible and disposable vehicle to the country of permanent residence.;In this case, the Insurant should contact the CPC via a short telephone number 1166 or via a mobile application and report the incident, receive instructions and act accordingly.

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