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Exchange regime

The national currency of Uzbekistan is Sum. There is free conversion. All types of currencies can be exchanged at official currency exchange offices. The new exchange rate in the country is established by the Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan every week. If the currency will not be exchanged in the territory of the bank or other official exchange offices, you risk breaking the law and incurring liability.

Liberalization of foreign exchange policy has been carried out since September 5, 2017, providing for the introduction of free conversion for legal entities and individuals.

It is possible to exchange currency at a favorable rate in a financial institution without any restrictions and passports. The identity card must be presented only when the amount exceeds 500 minimum salaries, that is, about 10 thousand dollars.

Exchange offices in hotels work around the clock.

Banks work from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. from Monday to Friday, however the working hours may differ in different branches. Not all the banks work on public holidays.

Cash settlements in all establishments throughout Uzbekistan must be made in the national currency of the MSA. Calculations for purchased goods and services in foreign currency are allowed only through bank cards.

International bank cards of Uzbekistan:

International bank cards (Visa, Master Card) are accepted in most hotels in Tashkent, almost in all major stores and shopping centers.

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