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It is said that to get into the cool atmosphere of the Swiss Alps, you do not need to go there. You can go to the Jizzakh region, which is called Uzbek Switzerland - there are mountains, clean air, mineral-rich water, and mild climate.

The Jizzakh region has a full right to have a claim on the title of the largest industrial and touristic center of Uzbekistan. A special industrial zone "Jizzakh" was created exactly here three years ago. Moreover the region is considered to be an important transport hub for the country. The region is located in the central part of the republic. Its expanses include mountainous and flat lands. About 1.2 million Uzbek dwellers live here. The nature of this region is extremely picturesque and rich with fauna, concerning the oldest Zaaminsky Reserve, located on the northern slopes of the Turkestan range, has unique hiking trails, where you will be pleased a lot to travel.

This picturesque corner of Uzbekistan was repeatedly mentioned in the Greek chronicles of Alexander the Great. It is particularly told about Kriapol in those chronicles. Kriapol - modern Zaamin, which, like Bahmal and Galliaaral, is located in an unusually beautiful mountainous woodland. The gorge of the Sangzar River, known far beyond Uzbekistan as the "gate of Tamerlane", can conquer with its indescribable beauty even the most experienced traveler.

The territory of Jizzakh region is characterized by a variety of natural landscapes, unique exotic elements of relief and climate. The mountain necklace of the Turkestan range is the key point for the originality of the nature of this land. All this creates great opportunities for the development of ecological tourism.

In addition there is a pure intoxicating air, water rich in minerals and trace elements, amazing flora, fauna and mild climate. What else is needed for a healthy and active holiday?

One of the best sanatoriums of the republic is located in Zaamin, where the most effective treatment of diseases of the respiratory and nervous system. The healer there is only nature itself, and in the Soviet years this place was one of the favorite recreation areas of the entire Uzbek party nomenclature headed by Sharaf Rashidov.

The unique nature of the region gave itself the unique cuisine. Today gastronomic brands of the Jizzakh region are considered to be such dishes as tandoor kabob, jiz and amazing Jizzakh samsa, impressing with its size.

Altogether Uzbek as well as Jizzakh cuisine is not just traditional dishes but the whole ritual based on the legends. Tandoor kabob is a dish from that category. Aksakals say that for nomads who settled in the foothills of the Turkestan range, this was the easiest way to prepare a tasty and hearty dinner. For cooking you need just a lamb and fire, something that was always in the hands of the nomads.

And, of course, Jizzakh samsa is a culinary masterpiece and a visiting card of the region, which you can eat only at in this part of Uzbekistan and nowhere else. This culinary miracle surprises not only by its large size, but also by taste. Two samses are many, but one is not enough, so in most cases it is eaten with bread, which is dipped in tomato sauce. Samsa is cooced in a vertical tandyr. And here's the riddle - why such a large samsa with a lot of stuffing does not fall from the walls of a traditional Uzbek stove. Perhaps, this question is equivalent to why a sandwich always falls with oil down.

To all these delicacies, it is also necessary to add the famous full-bodied Bakhmal apples, without which none of the dostarhans can do without. And for a dessert it would be nice to have tea with Jizzakh mountain honey, the most delicious, sweet and useful.

Railway and automobile routes connecting the eastern territories of the country with the south and west passes through the Jizzakh region, which is considered to be an important transport corridor.


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