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The city of Kokand, located in the western part of the Ferghana region, is one of the ancient cities of Uzbekistan. The first written testimonies about the city of Khukand, Havokande (old city names) are found in the chronicles of the 10th century. The city had an important shopping center on the Great Silk Road. In the XIII century, like most Central Asian cities, was destroyed by the Mongols.

But the worldwide glory to the city comes in the XVIII century, when it becomes the capital of the richest and developed Kokand khanate. In the first half of the 18th century, near the present city (it was the territory of the Bukhara emirate), the founder of the dynasty of Kokand khans laid the fortress of Eski Kurgan (1732), with which the new Kokand began, soon received the old name, which now is sounded like "Khuk-kand" - "Kabaniy city". Originally it was a small detached property from the Bukhara emirate, but gradually it was expanded territorially.

Khanate achieved its power in the first half of the nineteenth century, when its territory included a large part of modern Uzbekistan, part of southern Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and China. The Kokand Khanate also included Tashkent and Shymkent. It was a large, powerful state - a perspective trade and religious center. In Kokand alone, there were more than 300 mosques and dozens of madrasahs.

During its existence, the Kokand khanate was replaced by 29 rulers, the most famous of which was the last khan, Khudoyar Khan, famous for his cruelty and greed. During the reign he lost his throne four times and again won it.

After the annexation of Kokand to Russia, the Khan's palace was turned into a fortress, and through the urban neighborhoods of the mahalla, roads were laid along which the buildings of European architecture stood. The city quickly turned into a major center of capitalist activity in Turkestan, exceeding even Tashkent by the number of banks.

All the architectural monuments of the Khan period of the XVIII-XIX centuries were perfectly preserved in modern Kokand.


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