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Nugay Caravanserai

This caravanseray served not only for hotel accommodation purposes. Also, there was an active trade in various commodities, which brought considerable income. Very beautiful fabrics were brought from India to sew gowns for its visitors. Anyone could buy textiles, souvenirs, various musical instruments, tea and more other things in Nugay. Although the building is not fulfilling its direct functions, it has preserved its importance. Hundreds of tourists from around the world visit Nugay, seeking to touch the ancient history of the mysterious East. There is also an annual festival is held under the title "From silk to spices", where caravanseray visitors can taste the best varieties of Uzbek wines. At other simple days Nugay is a trading house, representing a variety of jewelry, carpets and other works of local artisans.


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Bukhara region, Bukhara city



Bus stop "Lyabi-Hauz"

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Bazaar "Chorsu"
Chorsu Bazaar
Alay Bazaar
Siyob Bazaar
Palvan-Darvoza Bazaar
Old market Chorsu
The Central Bazaar of Termez
Nugay Caravanserai

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