Site of an ancient town Varakhsha
Varakhsha is an ancient settlement located 40 kilometers west of the city of Bukhara in Uzbekistan. Varakhsha is a part of an ancient settlement the territory of which included the Bukharhudat residence, who had been running in the Bukhara oasis untill the Arab conquest. Life on Varakhsha is ceases to exist in the XI century. The reason for the decay of Varakhshi was the lack of water in the irrigation systems of the region. The area of ​​the ancient settlement is about 100 hectares. The Varakhshin Palace is located directly at the southern fortress wall of the settlement to the west of the citadel. The building of the palace arose, as the excavations showed, in the 5th century AD. e. and existed until the end of the VIII or the beginning of the IX century. The historian of the 10th century Narshakhi reported the following information about Varakhsh: "This is one of the largest settlements. In terms of the size it was as larger as the Bukhara city and even older than Bukhara. In some books, instead of Varakhsha, this village is called Rajfandun. There was a residence of kings; there is also a strong fortress, because the kings have strengthened this place several times. There was also a beautiful palace, the beauty of which was mentioned in the proverb; it was built by Bukhar-Khudat more than a thousand years ago. This palace has already fell into decay and destruction, when Hunuk-Khudat resumed it. At that period Varakhsha served as a major center of trade between ancient Khorezm and Bukhara and also played a significant role in the political and cultural life of the entire Bukhara oasis. The ancient settlement took considerable part in the confrontation with the Arabs. Moreover, its walls repeatedly stood under the onslaught of the invaders.


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