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Shergazi Khan Madrasah

One of the oldest educational institutions based Shergazi Khan at the beginning of the XVIII century in the middle of the citadel of Ichan-Kala, located near the entrance to the mausoleum of the city's patron, philosopher, poet and an outstanding warrior, fighter Pakhlavan Mahmoud. The growth of the cultural layer of soil subsidence and lowered entrance to the building below ground level in more than the growth of an adult. With the construction of madrassas used the labor of prisoners of war, given in Khiva after the successful military operation in Khorasan. Khan himself was a resounding victory for the grand title of "Lion of Allah" and "the sun of the world", the madrasa was intended to remind future generations about the merits of a militant ruler, a zealous champion of the faith. Captives freedom was promised upon completion of construction, but the delays caused by the Khan himself, all the time delayed the timing of the final completion of the building


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Khorezm region, Khiva city


Ichan Kala


Islam Khoja Minaret

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