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Buddhist Stupa Zurmala

Kushan Empire - an ancient state in Central Asia, the highest culminating in the reign of Kanishka I. His reign raised the level of the economy and culture in the country at a very high level. This was not forgotten and religion, because it is at the initiative of Kanishka landmark fourth Buddhist Council was held. It largely determined the further development of this religious movement. It was at this council the great Indian philosopher Nagarjuna approved bases late Mahayana Buddhism, thus making the religion more accessible to ordinary people. Existed before the teachings of Gautama, Buddhism made available only to philosophers and ascetics. In the Mahayana blessing it applies not only to them but also to ordinary people, adhering to secular laws and the doers of good deeds. These changes have allowed Buddhism to become one of the major religions of the whole of Asia. Due to greater demand, a lot of churches that are open to the common people and merchants.


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Archaeological monuments


Surkhandarya region, Termez city


South-east of the ancient settlement of the old Termez


Buddhist complex Karatepa

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Site of an ancient town Kanka
Monuments of Akhsikent
Site of an ancient town Shoshtepa
Khanbandi Dam
Zaraut-Kamar Petroglyphs
Site of an ancient town Varakhsha
Site of an ancient town Paikend
Talipach Gate
Cave of Amir Timur
The fortress Kirk-Kiz
Site of an ancient town Dalverzin Tepe
Buddhist complex Karatepa
Buddhist Stupa Zurmala
Dzharakuduk ("Stone Forest")
The Fortress Big Guldursun
Site of an ancient town Ayaz-Kala
Site of an ancient town Kazakly-jatkan (Akshahan-kala)
Cholpon-ota Elevation
Site of an ancient town Yerkurgan
Petroglyphs of Sarmyshsay
Buddhist monuments of Termez
Ming Urik the ancient city
Kyzyl-kala fortress
Chilpik-Kala fortress
Janpik - Kala fortress
Koyrylgan-kala fortress
Ancient settlement of Shahrukhia
Aktepa Yunus-Abad
Ancient Settlement Afrasiab

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