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The Fortress Big Guldursun

The Fortress Big Guldursun was in IV-III century. BC, XII-XIII AD. Large Guldursun one of the big-fortresses of Khorezm borders, which was built on the site of an ancient, empty fortress. This fortress is an irregular rectangle 350x230 m in size, corners of which are oriented cardinally. Exterior walls with large format bricks are preserved to this day. The corners along with the semicircular towers protrude from the wall for about 18 meters.  A number of medieval and ancient ceramics, bronze crafts and ornaments, antique and medieval coins were found during archeological findings. According to the findings, the last period of residence refers to 1220, during the administration of Muhammad Khorezmshah, the Mongol invasion of ancient Khorezm.  


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