Siyob Bazaar
The gate of the bazaar is made in form of a tricuspid arch decorated with a blue mosaic. Trade rows are located under canopies that protect the market from the hot sun in summer and from winds and precipitation in winter. Crossing the threshold you immediately find yourself in a completely different, fantastic atmosphere, full of colors and the voices of buyers and traders. The Siab Bazaar in Samarkand almost never sleeps. Trade here begins before the first rays of the sun and ends late at night. Here you can buy vegetables, fruits, melons grown by farmers and food products created by local people. Trade rows are divided according to the kind of goods. Local sellers say that the Siab dried fruits, sweets and nuts are so delicious that even the residents of the capital go there to buy them. Moreover, there are number of incredible spices, even the most rare ones. You will also be able to purchase products of local artisans and craftsmen. Samarkand flat cakes (a special sort of bread) deserve special attention. You can find there more than 17 types of them! Having visited Siab bazaar, you will plunge into the atmosphere of Samarkand and realize how the city "breathes" and lives. Buying juicy fruits and aromatic bread you are taking with you also a piece of the eastern atmosphere that will live long in your memory.


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Samarkand region, Samarkand city


Bibihonum Street


Cathedral mosque Bibi-Honum

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