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Site of an ancient town Shoshtepa

At present, only an elevated part of Shashtepa with citadel (12 meters high) is preserved. The rest of the ancient town (25 hectares in area) is currently occupied with modern buildings. The town probably dates back to IX-VII centuries BC. Locals lived in half-dugouts 3 by 2 meters in size. The roofs were made of the branches. The locals had brick hearths, braziers and round-bottomed ceramic dishes (bowls, cauldrons). They grew grain crops such as barley and wheat, made fabrics from bast, wool and kenaf. Their culture is unique and easily recognizable. The settlements become deserted in the VII-VI centuries BC for unknown reasons.


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Archaeological monuments


Tashkent city, Sergeli district


Chashtepa Street


Sergeli automobile market

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