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Khanbandi Dam

The dam of Khanbandi is the oldest dam preserved in Uzbekistan up to now. Scientists who conducted the research note that there is no written evidence of the time of dam construction. They assume different dates: X century, XVI century, 1582. It is protected by the state as a monument of the republican category since 1973. The length of the dam is over 50 m at the top, 24 m at the bottom and 15 m above the height. The dam is composed of hewn granite slabs on a special water resistant mortar. This indicates that engineers of Maverannahr were able to take into account the law of pressure of liquids, called the law of Pascal and formulated only in the 17th century. There are 9 cone-shaped holes for the outlets in the western part of the dam at different heights. The base of the dam is 4 times thicker than its upper part. The thickness of the bottom is about 8 m, at the top it is 2 m. The dam previously formed a reservoir with the length of 1.5 km, the width of the dam is 52 m, at the beginning of the gorge it is 200 m. At present, the bowl of the artificial reservoir does not work. The whole bowl is filled with the clay deposits, forming a perfectly flat edge of the cliff.


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