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Master Pulatov M N workshop 8 - miniature art

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45 $

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36 $


In the  workshops of the Abdulkasim Sheikh mosque you will have the opportunity to see and purchase the handmade works of many carving masters, creating a lacquer miniature, artistic painting, jewelry and souvenirs that represent the centuries-old craft of Uzbekistan showing the true beauty of this country.  Since ancient times a miniature was considered in the East as part of manuscripts and manuscripts, illustrating texts. Small bright colorful pictures, varnished, decorated the interiors of palaces and rich houses. Until now, connoisseurs of treat this type of art  with great respect. And not only connoisseurs of art but also those who have seen miniatures for the the first time will appreciate the subtlety and elegance of these works. Master Pulatov MN, being one of the magnificent masters in the creation of lacquer miniatures, creates unique miniatures that are known all over the world since ancient times.  


Information table


National craft


Tashkent city, Chilanzar district


Bunyodkor str.


"Drujba Narodov"

Phone number

(+998 90) 356-17-70

Email address

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