Chilpik-Kala fortress
The age of this ancient Zoroastrianism monument - dahmy Chilpik (Shylpik, Chilpik-Kala) - is more than 2200 years. It is located 43 kilometers south of Nukus near the motorway leading to Turtkul. The fortress can be seen right from the road. It is, presumably, a ritual construction before Islamic culture. Built on a volcanic hill of a pyramidal shape. Material of construction - clay taken from the Amu Darya deposits and raw brick made from the same clay. The building is a round structure with a diameter of 70 and a height of about 15 m. According to the opinions of the archaeologists Chilpik is the ritual construction of Zarathustrians where dead body of people were kept in order to clean their bones from the flesh and then to bury them in the ossuaries. In the following centuries, the building was used as an observation tower and even a prison.


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Karakalpakstan Republic, Nukus city


Turtkul motorway


43 kilometers south of Nukus

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