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70 $

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63 $

«LOTUS» Spa salon is the most ultimate place for having a rest with a noicy company after the busy working day. Moreover, it is a perfect place for getting health servises with family members and celebrate an important event. All these concepts are perfectly suit our establishment. There is not expensive sauna at the cetnre of the city near the social road. It is quite easy to get to us both by your own vehicle and city transport.  «LOTUS» Spa salon is happy to invite you to its complex and take water and health procedures. This is a place where you can come to have a rest and to get distracted from everyday fuss with friends, collegues and family members and also celebrate your holidays. There are 10 comfortable complexes in the territory of the salon.  By creating an atmosphere of relaxation and comfort, we offer 2 separate zones - for men and women: 6 complexes for men, for up to 10 people; 4 complexes for women, for up to 6 people


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SPA salons


Tashkent city, Yashnabad district


65 Sadik Azimov str.


1st State Clinic on the ooposite side of the school №145

Phone number

+998 71 231-82-28; +998 71 231-84-48

Email address

"Hammam Bozori Kord" bath
"Hammam Kunjak" women's bath
Samarkand hammam

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