Magic Galaxy pool

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40 $

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36 $

Welcome to Magic Galaxy! We present you a unique elite sports and recreation complex "Magic Galaxy". Magic Galaxy is a four stored complex providing its visitors with premium class services for health improvement. Our complex consists of «AQUA» zone, two separate gyms - for men and women, for group programs, skyling, spa treatments, massage, Turkish and Finnish saunas, and also bars for sports nutrition.   The state of our recreation center consists of high category professionals. In each zone, we are ready to offer you support from our trainers and consultants. In addition, we have a state doctor, which carries out a comprehensive diagnostic examination of our customers, determines the necessary procedures and allowable workload and only after that they start procedures for recovery. We are ready to offer customers who have children, special equipped kids' area with nanny. 


Information table


Aquaparks and swimming pools


Tashkent city, Chilanzar district


46A Zargarlik str.


Aygen market

Phone number

+998 71 207-71-71

Email address

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