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"Ilkhom" theater of Mark Weil
"Ilkhom" theater of Mark Weil  is a professional non-state theater. The theater was founded in 1976 by the director Mark Weil and a group of graduates of the Tashkent Theater and Art Institute. Originally, the theater was called ESTY "Ilkhom" (experimental studio of theatrical youth). The theater staff appealed to the modern drama of Vampilov, Zlotnikov, Bashbekov, Huseynov, Razumovskaya. The plays of the theater were much ahead of their time, therefore, during Restructuring time, when other theaters gained freedom, "Ilkhom" plunged into the work on experimental performances without words. Since 1989, the theater has been started to be called simply "Ilkhom" and the same year was the year of the opening of the School of Dramatic Art on the basis of the theater. The graduation performance of the first studio was a fantasy based on K. Gozzi's comedy "Happy beggars", in which dell'arte comedy and the Uzbek national comedy - maskharoboz were interwined. Still this performance is in a great success in the theater. The repertoire of "Ilkhom" is distinguished by the breadth of the range. The performances of this theater never leave boredom feelings on its viewers. "Ilkhom" is a chamber theater, where the distance between the stage and the auditorium is a very small, in some performances the auditorium becomes the scene of action, and the spectators turn into direct participants of the play. So in the drama of Aeschylus "Oresteia", spectators act as juries and decide to "execute or pardon". In addition, various exhibitions, concerts and festivals are held in Ilkhom. The theater performs with great success in tours in Germany, America, Poland, Norway, Russia, Lithuania, Austria, Israel, Japan and other countries of the world.


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Tashkent city, Shaykhontokhur district


5 Pakhtakor str.


Pakhakor stadium

Phone number

+99871 241-22-41,+99871 241-22-52:

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