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Chashma complex
Chashma complex is the heart of Nurata of Navoi region. According to the legend, a large meteorite emitting light once fell here. A rill is formed in the place of his fall and water has healing properties. Hence the name of the place “Nur” - light.


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Memorials and squares


Navoi region, Navoi city


Nurota city


Nurota city

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Bakhoutdin Naqshbandi Complex
Khodja Zaynutdin Complex
The memorial complex Dorut Tillavat
Dorus Saodat Memorial Complex
Jarkurgan minaret
Memorial of the Sorrowful Mother
Memorial complex "Mass graves"
Memorial of Mirzo Ulugbek
Memorial of Amir Temur
Memorial of Islam Karimov
Memorial of Sharaf Rashidov
Memorial Jalal ad-Din Manguberdy
Memorial of Zahiriddin Muhammad Babur
Memorial of A. S. Pushkin
Memorial complex in Memory of Victims of Political Repression
Independence Square
Monument of Courage
Shastri Monument
Chashma complex
Shah-i-Zinda Memorial Complex
Registan Square
Bolo Hauz Complex
Kalyan Minaret

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