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Cave of Amir Timur

The cave of Amir Temur is located in the tract Kalla-i-Shiron and is translated as a lion's fortress. There is a legend that in this cave Tamerlan gathered his troops during the period when he fell out of favor with the ruler of Shahrisabz. It was from here that he went to Shakhrisabz and further to Samarkand and conquered them. The length of the cave is 750 m. In addition to the main cave, there is also a through cave 190 meters long, it is also called Sayis-hona. Here, according to legend, the soldiers of the Great Temur kept horses. And in the second most important cave, the soldiers themselves lived, there were about 1,500 people. Getting into the cave is not easy - you need a guide. You can try to find an inconspicuous path yourself, descending with stone steps into the canyon to a depth of more than 200 meters. From all sides you are surrounded by bizarre rock towers. Going down to the bottom of the canyon, you find yourself in a stone "bag", in which the sunlight does not even get in places. The width of the canyon then narrows to 10-12 meters, then expands to 50-60 meters. The vertical walls of the canyon go up 200-300 meters.


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