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Museum of Anna Akhmatova "Mangalochy Yard"

Wonderful poet Anna Akhmatova spent in Tashkent evacuation years: from 1941 to May 1944 In 2000 in Tashkent at the Russian Cultural Center Club was opened by Anna Akhmatova "Mangalochy Yard". Among the exhibits of the club museum - letters, notes Akhmatova addressed Tashkent girlfriend, Sophia Arkadyevna Zhuravskaya. However, it is a photocopy - the originals were transferred Fountain home in Leningrad. But the public and the Tashkent museum has exhibits-scripts - writing Korney Chukovsky, Faina Ranevskaya, Nadezhda Mandelstam, the letter itself Zhuravskaya addressed Vs.Ivanova wife, but somehow not sent. In its story about the difficult fate of her daughter Tatiana Esenina, which during the war was in Tashkent too. Perhaps "Mangalochy Yard" does not have enough pieces to be a real museum, but there's organizers have tried to recreate the area of old Tashkent, as it was during the stay in it Akhmatova. In Tashkent Museum Akhmatova no its authentic things. But I gathered that still allows you to submit a simple environment in which she lived in those early 40's: old cracked mirror, iron iron, which burning coals were laid kogda-to brass coffee pot, crock, snow-white towels, boiler grill ...


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Tashkent city, Yakkasaray district


Vahidov Street, 53


Grand Mir Hotel

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