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The culture of Uzbekistan is one of the most vivid and distinctive cultures of the East. It is an inimitable folk music, dance and painting, unique national cuisine and clothes. It is a kind of fusion of different traditions of many peoples, which are reflected in folk music, dances, painting, applied arts, national cuisine and clothes. Uzbek folk culture has been formed for centuries and has an unusual, distinctive and vivid character among other cultures of the East. Contribution to ithe culture was made by the ancient Iranian peoples, later - nomadic Turkic tribes, then Arabs, Chinese and Russian. Many residents of the republic, especially in rural areas, still adhere to many traditions, which are rooted in the distant past.

Uzbek folk musical creativity is inevitable and it is characterized by a variety of genres and a multifaceted theme. Folk songs and instrumental pieces can be performed at various ceremonies, festivals, theatrical performances, national games. A special place in the Uzbek musical heritage is occupied by dastans - epic tales of lyrical and heroic content, and also, maqom - cycles of vocal-instrumental plays, which are rightly considered the pinnacle of Uzbek professional music of oral tradition.

National Uzbek dances in different regions of the republic differ from each other. For example, dances in Khorezm and Bukhara are accompanied by tapping kayrak (castanets). And the dances of the Fergana group are characterized by smoothness and expressiveness of movements, a soft sliding step and original movements in place and in a circle.

The dwellers of Uzbekistan carefully preserve the traditions and customs of their ancestors. From generation to generation, secrets of craftsmanship of art crafts are handed over, folk traditions are sacredly observed, with the eastern scope and soulfulness celebrations are celebrated - state, family, religious.

The glory of hospitality and sincere kindness of the people of Uzbekistan is spread all over the world. A guest in an Uzbek house is always a welcome guest. This is one of the unforgettable traditions, along with respect to the elders, to the aksakals (elderly people), whose word and advice is worth its weight in gold. Family celebrations - weddings, the birth of a child, circumcision, 12th anniversary - are also celebrated according to old traditions, observing the laid ritual and customs. During the holidays, a competition of jigits, horse racing, ulak-kupkari (goat-climbing) is held. All winners receive rich prizes, and the audience - an unforgettable experience.

To personally see and hear the world of real eastern relations, preserved in an unchanged form, you must certainly visit the bazaar. The oriental bazaar is not just a shopping center, it's also a place of communication where ordinary people, like the previous generations, meet friends, share news, share joys, and discuss problems. Bargaining in the bazaar is not only a discussion of the price of goods, but also a special way of communication. Bright colors, the color of the eastern bazaar and his temperament always create a special mood.

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