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Parks of Uzbekistan are filled with a special atmosphere. Local residents have protective attitude towards trees, flowers and greenery. New shrubs, flowers and trees are planted there every Spring. No wonder the parks of Tashkent are called the "lungs" of the capital. You can spend time in nature, relax in the shade of trees, enjoy the picturesque views of ponds and forget about the problems of a bustling world, breathing the flavors of flora.

In addition, there are many attractions for children, secluded corners for those who are in love with each other, quiet places for retired people, where they can read a newspaper or play a chess or backgammon.

Numerous festivals as flower festivals, mass evens for disabled people and veterans and tasting palov are held in the parks regularly. Furthermore, parks are completely overcrowded on the  "Navruz" and "Children's Day" holidays. 

Therefore do not be surprised if you forget about the time in Tashkent parks since it passes imperceptibly.

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