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Uzbekistan is a real treasury of the famous architectural monuments of Central Asia. Time has left its trail throughout all the ancient cities of Central Asia. Most of the constructions are in a good conditions despite rich history of this land. 

They have firmly entered the unique cultural landscape of Central Asia and became symbols of the East. Their cultural value is not only on the state level but also on the world level. Perfection of harmonic solutions and observance of the medieval canons evokes deep interest in the theoretical foundations of local architecture as well as in Al-Khorezmi's, Beruni's, Al-Karshi's and Ulugh Beg's developed mathematical tradition. The diverse and complex geometric decor of the buildings reveals abstract ideas of Islam thereby monuments have a special piety  in the Islamic world and considered to be a places for pilgrimage. 

Along with ancient monuments, there are many modern buildings in Uzbekistan.

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