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Service "Uzbekistan Pass" *

What is "Uzbekistan Pass" service?

"Uzbekistan Pass" is a national tourist service uniting all tourist (online and offline) services in a single discount system operating throughout Uzbekistan.The "Uzbekistan Pass" service was created on the basis of the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. 3217 of August 16, 2017 "On Priority Measures for the Development of the Sphere of Tourism for 2018-2019" to improve conditions for a comfortable journey through Uzbekistan.

The service provides a very wide range of services, namely:

  • Online hotel reservation throughout Uzbekistan with discounts;
  • Online purchase of air and railway tickets;
  • Online purchase of tourist packages in Uzbekistan with discounts;
  • Online booking guides in Uzbekistan with discounts;
  • Online order of transportation services (transfer, car rental and long-distance taxi) with discounts;
  • Insurance of the tourist for the whole period of stay in Uzbekistan;
  • Discounts when visiting cultural and historical institutions, restaurants, entertainment;
  • Discounts in shopping centers, as well as on goods and souvenirs of artisans;
  • Providing the most convenient and profitable tariff plans for mobile communications, together with the mobile operator "UMS"

What are the amenities and advantages of the "Uzbekistan Pass" service?

The service gives its users the following convenience and benefits:

  • Effectively save money and time while traveling around Uzbekistan;
  • Receive the best and guaranteed online services;
  • To feel completely safe for the entire period of stay in Uzbekistan;
  • Get full tourist information and news in 10 languages;
  • Travel around Uzbekistan by yourself, choosing a route and location


What guarantees does the service provide in providing the services shown on the site?

The service cooperates with the best and most reliable service providers throughout Uzbekistan and guarantees full and qualitative performance of its obligations and rendering of all services specified on the site.

The service guarantees full security of payments made on the site for all online payments. The service does not request or store customer bank card data, since absolutely all online payments are made on a secure payment module of the bank.

The service guarantees the return of payments for online purchases made on the site. At the same time it is necessary to meet the established requirements of the period during which you can cancel the purchase or reservation. The funds are returned less the bank commission.

The service guarantees complete safety and full confidentiality of personal data of its customers.

Where can I get acquainted with the list of establishments in which discounts will be valid?

You can familiarize yourself with the list of establishments where discounts will be available on our website in the section “Discount Catalog”.

In case of refusal of an institution to provide a discount, to whom should I contact?

You can contact the support service "Uzbekistan Pass", and our specialists will help you. As proof that you were not given a discount, it is necessary to keep a check and write down the name of the representative of the company that refused to you, despite the fact that you have a discount card "Uzbekistan Pass"! In case of a proven fact of refusal, the company-service partners are obliged to reimburse you twice for a discount not provided.

The slogan of your service consists of three words "Safe. Comfortable. Profitable. " What do the three components mean?

Safely! We ensure the safety of the tourist by means of the "SOS" button, connecting all the necessary emergency services for the purpose of lightning-fast provision of assistance and control of the safety of the tourist.

Comfortable! All comfort is in the provision of all services directly on the site: the selection of comfortable cars, best hotels and restaurants, as well as the provision of tour guides and tour operators online.

Profitable! By activating the discount card, you automatically benefit from the purchase and use of virtually any service from Uzbekistan Pass service: visiting museums with a discount, discounts at the best restaurants, shops, shopping centers and artisans' workshops. With us, you save at almost every step throughout Uzbekistan.

Where and how can I download the mobile application "Uzbekistan Pass"?

You can download the mobile application "Uzbekistan Pass" absolutely free on APPSTORE and PlayMarket. After downloading the application, you can fully enjoy all the services. Also by purchasing a discount code, and attaching it to a mobile or physical carrier, you can actively save on all purchases and orders.

Will your service help me on a tour without a guide?

Of course it will! You can download the mobile application "Uzbekistan Pass", which contains all the detailed information about all historical places of Uzbekistan. Through the function of the mobile application navigator, you can find the sights you need throughout the country. The mobile application "Uzbekistan Pass" "will be your main assistant for the whole period of travel around Uzbekistan.

What is the advantage of your service over the rest?

"Uzbekistan Pass" is the first and so far the only national tourist service in Uzbekistan, which provides a wide range of services for the tourist, helping to travel and at the same time giving an opportunity to save money.

How many times can I use the passport, a tourist visiting one institution more than once?

With our tourist passport you can receive a discount every time you visit the same places as many times until the expiry of the passport.

Can I travel on my own, carrying only the "Uzbekistan Pass" application on my mobile device?

With our mobile application, you can safely travel around Uzbekistan on your own. To do this, there are all the necessary functions and services, both in the mobile application, and on the site. By means of a mobile application, you can book rooms, buy air and railway tickets, travel packages, rent a car with a driver or rent it, use the transfer service, buy a discount card and arrange insurance against accidents. Also, the mobile app navigator will lay out the route you want. In addition, the mobile application, through the interactive "SOS" button, will take care of your security.

Can I use the Internet for free using the "Uzbekistan Pass" mobile application?

Having bought a tourist SIM-card "Uzbekistan Pass tourist - SIM" from the company "UMS", you can use the mobile application "Uzbekistan Pass" and do not pay for the Internet (except for the application navigator).

Tourist passport "Uzbekistan Pass" *

What is a Uzbekistan Pass tourist passport?

Tourist passport is a system of discounts and bonuses operating in Uzbekistan! A passport is used to save money in everyday purchases of goods and services that can be used by both citizens for everyday expenses and foreign tourists traveling in Uzbekistan.

How can I get a tourist passport?

In order to buy a Uzbekistan Pass tourist passport it is necessary:

  1. Download the UzPass application in the App Store or Play Market;
  2. Go to the passport section, fill in all the indicated fields (the section is in the lower left corner of the application) and pay.

Can I cancel a passport purchase?

You can cancel the purchase of a tourist passport in the following case:

  • passport purchased but not activated;

Attention! After activation, cancellation of the purchase is not possible.

Cancellation of the purchase of a non-activated card must be made within 1 year from the date of purchase, otherwise the money will not be returned.

Can I activate a purchased passport when I want?

Yes, of course you can activate the purchased passport when it is convenient. However, within 1 year from the date of purchase, you should either activate your passport or cancel the purchase and return your money, otherwise your money will not be returned.

Does the passport have an expiration date?

The tourist passport is valid for as many days as you indicated when buying. After this period of validity, the passport will become passive, and you can no longer use it. However, within 24 hours you can “reanimate” your passport by extending the validity period. Otherwise, you will have to buy a new passport for future use.

There is also a “expiration date” for a purchased but not activated passport, it is 1 year from the date of purchase. During this period, you should either activate your passport or cancel the purchase and return your money, otherwise your money will not be returned.

Is it possible to lose a passport?

Of course, this is possible if you lose your mobile device.

Can I extend my passport? Or do I need to buy a new one?

Of course, you can extend it. This can be done before the expiry date of the card, or within 24 hours after the end of the period. After 24 hours you will have to buy a new card.

Can I get discounts on public transport with the "Uzbekistan Pass" tourist passport?

At the moment, you cannot get discounts on public transport.

Can I buy a tourist passport for someone as a gift?

No, you can’t, because each passport is individual and is attached exactly to the phone from which it was purchased.

How many times can I use my tourist passport?

You can use a tourist passport an unlimited number of times. The only limitation is the validity of the passport.

Allowing one of the tourist passport "Uzbekistan Pass"?

We offer a profitable system for using our passport. So, one pump allows you to:

  • in hotels. Book one room for several persons * or two rooms for a family with children;
  • in cafes, restaurants and night clubs. Pay a check for one table, regardless of the amount **;
  • in shopping malls, when buying national souvenirs, clothes (IKAT) and jewelry. Pay one check regardless of its amount and the number of your friends;
  • when using the services of a guide. Pay one bill regardless of the number of your friends;
  • when using transport services (transfer from / to the airport, intercity taxi, rent a car with a driver, a trip to the mountains, a city tour by car). Book one car for several passengers

* Hotels may limit the number of guests in one room.

** Restaurants may limit the number of guests at one table.

How to use the passport of the tourist «Uzbekistan Pass»?

On a mobile device:

1. Download «UzPass» app in the App Store or Play Market.

2. Go to the passport and fill in all these fields (section in the bottom left corner of the application).

3. After payment in tourist passport application will appear. You can activate at any time and enjoy!

Enjoy the discount by presenting a passport at all zavedneiyah partners "Uzbekistan Pass".

How much can you save with the passport of the tourist «Uzbekistan Pass»?

Actually it is very difficult to calculate the real economy, because it depends on their activity, the amount of the check and other factors. According to our calculations, buying a 7-day passport, a tourist will save about $ 150 (net of expenses for the purchase of a passport).

What is the card activation and how is it done?

Activation allows you to use your passport and receive discounts. To receive a discount, you must present your passport before issuing a check for payment. After purchasing a passport, you can activate it at your discretion.

Can I cancel my passport activation?

It is impossible to cancel activation.

Security provision (SOS button) *

How and under what circumstances and cases can I use the "SOS" button?

Pressing the "SOS" function, indicated in the lower right corner on the mobile application interface, you will be taken to the page where all the emergency services are listed: police, rescue service, ambulance, insurance service, hotline of the State Committee for Tourism and "Uzbekistan Pass" support service. For these numbers, calls are made free of charge from the tariff plans of UMS Uzbekistan Pass 2000 and Uzbekistan Pass 5000. In addition to the call functions, there is a red "SOS" button on the page, which you can use in emergency and accidental cases, holding it for 5 seconds.

How does the "SOS" button work in a mobile application?

When you press the "SOS" button, the system automatically sends a sample SMS for help to the number 1166 ("GrossInsurance" Insurance Service) with the detailed contents of your location (geolocation) and the phone number through which the message was sent. After receiving SMS, the service will call you back, clarify your problem and send help. If you do not answer during a call back, the service transfers your coordinates and location to emergency services (Emergency Ministry staff, Ambulance and Police).

Who will go to help the tourist?

The holder of the active discount card "Uzbekistan Pass" is under the full tutelage of the insurance service "GrossInsurance" and when you contact at an emergency, you will be immediately assisted. If you are not a user of a discount card, but use the mobile application "Uzbekistan Pass", you can also use the "SOS" button, and you will receive emergency services (Emergency Ministry staff, Ambulance and Police)

What should I do if I get lost in unfamiliar places in Uzbekistan?

The mobile application "Uzbekistan Pass" contains a navigation system through which you can easily identify the nearest places to you and easily reach them. Also you can use the services of the "SOS" function and get the necessary consultation on the hotline of the State Tourism Committee and the Service Support.

After what time after pressing the "SOS" button do I need to wait for help?

After calling for help and clarifying your location, emergency help will arrive to you within 30 minutes. Time will depend on your remoteness.

Will I be charged a fine for a false call, if I accidentally send a request for help?

No, the penalty will not be charged, as after pressing the "SOS" button, the service staff will call you back, and you will be able to report that the SMS message was sent by accident.

Hotel booking *

Which hotels provide a discount, and where they can be found?

On the Uzbekistan Pass website, by going to the "Hotel Reservation" section, you can choose a hotel of your choice: city, number of stars, rating by reviews, price level and discount level and book. To receive a discount on online services you do not need anything.

Can I book a hotel room without buying your discount card?

Yes you can book a hotel room and get a discount.

Can I book a room at a hotel not through your service, but in all other cases use your services?

Yes, you can! All our services are provided at your choice. You can use each of the services separately.

Can I book a room at the hotel and pay upon arrival?

Sure you can! The payment system provides 10% online payment for guaranteed room reservation. The remaining 90% of the amount of the reservation you pay at the hotel.

In what currency should I pay for the hotel?

If you are a foreign citizen, then if you pay online through the site, you can choose the payment currency yourself. If you are a citizen of the Republic of Uzbekistan, then all payments will be made strictly in national currency - Sum. Payment by cash in the hotel is made only in national currency - Sum, and in foreign currency payment in the hotel is accepted only by means of a bank card.

Can I cancel the reservation and return the paid amount?

Yes, you can cancel the reservation and return the paid amount. Our service guarantees a refund, but given that each hotel that cooperates with our service, independently establishes the rules for cancellation of the reservation and refund of payments. In this case, "Uzbekistan Pass" strongly recommends that you first read the terms and conditions of cancellation and refund. Subject to the terms and conditions, you can undo and receive funds without any problems, except for bank charges.

If on arrival I'm not satisfied with the reserved room, can I cancel it and demand another one?

Upon arrival at the hotel, if you do not like the number, you can refuse and ask to change the number, if there are available rooms in the hotel.

Will the hotel room be ready exactly for my arrival? Should I wait?

The reserved room will be completely ready for your arrival and you do not have to wait.

Can I get a discount if I have to extend my room?

By extending your stay in the room, you can get a discount without any problems.

Where can I go if the hotel does not fulfill its obligations, which were listed on the service page?

If the hotel does not fulfill the obligations that were indicated on the page of the "Uzbekistan Pass" service, you should call the hotline number of the service and leave your feedback, or write a complaint using the mobile application "Uzbekistan Pass". Our specialists will help you eliminate the inconvenience, as hotels are legally obligated to provide all the services that they themselves indicate on their page of our service.

Hire a guide *

How and where can I hire a guide at my discretion?

You can hire a guide in the section "Guides" on our website. Here you will be provided with a list of qualified and certified guides in 10 languages. When hiring a guide you have the right to choose at your own discretion: by language, gender and age, and also can fully describe your wishes for the period of travel around Uzbekistan.

Can I independently compose a route on my own, and will the guide accompany me on this route?

You are free in your choice, and taking into account your own interests and desires, you can make a route suitable for you. Then on our site in the section "Guides" you can choose any one at your discretion and agree on a route with it. Service "Uzbekistan Pass" provides for your choice the most friendly and highly qualified guides.

How can I pay for the services of the guide?

You can pay for the guide's services after arriving in the country in cash to the guide or by mutual pre-agreement with the guide through the international money transfer systems.

Can I cancel the services of the guide and return the paid amount?

You can cancel the guide services one week before the specified date of the meeting. The paid amount will be returned less the bank commission.

Buying a tour package, is the guide automatically included in it? Or should we choose it ourselves?

When buying a tour package, you will receive a letter with the conditions included in the tour package you have chosen. Based on these conditions, you can independently determine whether you need a guide or not.

How do I pay for the services of the guide?

You will pay for tour guide services daily. The minimum working day is 3 hours.

How to determine whether a guide is certified?

Service "Uzbekistan Pass" works only with those guides who have a certificate, a license and a diploma of higher education.

Do guides work all year round and all seasons?

Guides work year-round and are ready to acquaint you with Uzbekistan at any time of the year.

Can I contact the guide if I have any questions about your service?

Yes, you can! The guide will try to answer your questions on the service as much as possible, or to connect you to the hotline of the "Uzbekistan Pass" service.

Can I change the route and program during the tour?

You can completely control your route and build it based on your own desires.

Where and to whom can I complain about the guide?

You can complain about the guide to our service, leaving your feedback or writing a complaint, and also call the hotline of the State Committee for Tourism.

Tour Packages *

What is a tourist package and what does it include?

This is a package of services developed by tour operators for comfortable tourist attractions for a certain number of days, including the selection and booking of hotels in the cities along the chosen route and transfers (transportation services). The food is a separate element that is not included in the tour package in view of the standard BB system - accommodation + breakfast, leaving the freedom to choose restaurants for lunch and dinner for the tourist himself. However, on request, meals can be connected to the package in the format HB - half board or FB - full board, we will provide the best and checked out restaurants.

What will be included in the package "Gastronomic Tourism"?

Choosing a "gastronomic" tour package acquaintance with the country will happen through the most appetizing prism - cooking. In addition to the traditional route of visited attractions, it includes visiting thematic places for a more tangible and atmospheric immersion in the world of Uzbek cuisine. National guest houses will reveal the secrets of preparing world-famous Uzbek dishes.

Can I extend the tour package to a new one?

You can extend the current tour package from the tour operator from whom you purchased the tour package.

Is insurance included in the tour package?

Medical insurance is included in the discount card that you can buy and activate on our site - it's quick and easy. In the absence of an insurance medical policy, medical assistance to foreign citizens is provided only with full payment of services. If there is a policy, all necessary medical services and preparations will be paid by the insurance company.

Will there be additional costs when buying a tour?

When buying a tour package in Uzbekistan, you will be sent to the mail all the conditions of the selected tour, where you can clearly see the included, i.e. paid positions, as well as paid independently. The cost of self-financing, usually includes international air tickets, alcoholic and soft drinks, fees for photo and video shooting in museums, tips and porters at hotels / airport, as well as other personal expenses.

Can I choose an individual tour?

Yes, you can choose for yourself a tour, and it will be formed taking into account all your wishes, with a personal driver and an individual guide. You choose the category and theme of hotels, catering, a list of cities along the route and the direction of excursions.

How long before the tour can I get it?

You can choose a tour convenient for you by the dates and dates of departure. However, if your trip to Uzbekistan is planned during the high tourist season, coming in March-May and September-November, we recommend booking the tour in advance in order to preserve the possibility of choosing the best hotels and comfortable transport combinations, including domestic flights and high-speed trains.

Terms of the beginning of the tour are set immediately?

The beginning of each tour to Uzbekistan has its own terms, tickets are bought out for them, transport is ordered, hotels are booked and, if necessary, meals are organized.

How do I pay for the tour?

Payment for the tour to Uzbekistan is made online. In case of successful payment, the order is considered issued, and you receive an electronic confirmation. After payment, a coupon will be sent to your mail to purchase a tourist package, which you will also receive in your personal account of our website. We recommend to print it out and guarantee that this coupon is a full legal document.

In payment for tour packages includes travel across the country?

Standard practice includes the cost of planned internal crossings across Uzbekistan in the tour. Additional expenses for them are possible only if a decision is taken on the spot to extend or change the tour program.

Does the price of tour packages change?

After acquiring a tour package in Uzbekistan, its price will remain unchanged and your vacation will not be overshadowed by any unpleasant surprises in the form of additional surcharges.

Do all the attractions operate all year round?

Yes, you can visit all the sights of Uzbekistan at any time of the year. However, the most popular period for visiting the country is spring and autumn, in view of the most favorable, mild climatic conditions. However, a trip to Uzbekistan in winter or summer also has a number of advantages. In winter the temperature here rarely crosses the minus threshold and sunny days prevail. A low season provides a quiet sightseeing without pandemonium of tourists and a hundred percent immersion in the color.

Can I cancel the tour package I purchased and at the same time get a refund?

What any tourist must see in Uzbekistan?

The most precious diamonds of the historical heritage of our country or in other words, the cities of the Great Silk Road - Bukhara, Khiva, Tashkent, Samarkand as well as the cities of the Ferghana Valley.

Transfer *

What are the advantages of ordering a transfer and auto through your platform?

Service "Uzbekistan Pass" guarantees quality, comfort and economy when ordering a transfer and provides you with the best transport companies.

What kind of guaranteed document will I get after paying for the transfer service?

After payment you will receive a guaranteed coupon (coupon is a legally binding document) for the transfer order where the name of the transport company, its address, e-mail address, name of the manager, the brand of the selected car, the time of the meeting at the airport, the transfer price, the discount given you have the conditions for ordering a car and the hotline number for an emergency call.

How do I know my driver?

The driver will wait for you with a sign "Uzbekistan Pass" where your name will be indicated.

Will the car wait for me If my flight arrives with a delay?

Our service takes into account any force majeure circumstances that may occur. About the delay of the flight, our drivers will be notified and will certainly wait for your exit from the airport.

Will I be charged with an extra payment for delayed flight and waiting?

The service provides unforeseen circumstances that can happen not through your fault and we have no right to charge you an additional fee for waiting for your exit. 

Who should I contact if I have problems on arrival?

If you have problems with arrival (delay or postponement of the date) you will need to notify in advance the company listed on your transfer order coupon. In the coupon, you specify the e-mail address where you can write the letter, specifying the number of the coupon, the name of the owner of the order (you must attach the order coupon to the letter), the exact date and time of arrival. Also you can call the hotline number of the transport company and notify about the transfer of time and date of arrival.

Should I pay a tip to the driver?

No additional payments are required. If you find it necessary to thank the driver, then the tip is quite acceptable.

How do you set transfer prices? For a seat or a car?

The cost of the transfer service is determined depending on the car brand you choose. The price does not depend on the number of occupied seats.

Can I order a transfer service first, but refuse it then?

You always have the right to refuse our service. And if it is our fault, let us know, we will work to improve the services provided.

Method of payment for transfer services

You can pay 100% of the amount of the order directly on the site, or you can pay a 20% guaranteed amount on the site (at your request), and pay the rest to the driver in local national currency.The exact amount of the guaranteed payment will depend on the cost of renting the car.

Car rental *

What documents should I have with me to use the car rental service?

The renter must have a driver's license, valid for at least 2 years.

Driver's license, printed not in Roman alphabet (Arabic, Japanese, Cyrillic, etc.) must be supplemented by international driver's license.

To obtain a driver's license from countries not included in the Vienna Convention on Road Traffic (for example, China), an official translation of the license in Russian / Uzbek along with the national driving license must be submitted.

Can I return the car before the deadline and will the money be returned?

You can return the car before the deadline, and the terms of payment are negotiated directly with the landlord.

What is the age limit when renting a car for self-driving?

For the independent driving of the car that you rented, your age should reach 25 years.

What if I do not know a certain period for which I want to use the car rental?

You pay on arrival for the days you use the car rental.

Can I rent a car at any time of the day?

Our service is open around the clock. You can order any service, regardless of time.

Can I cancel a car reservation, and for how long before the lease can I do this?

Reservation can be canceled 48 hours before the start of the rental.

Would the payment be returned if I decided to cancel the rent?

If the cancellation is made more than 48 hours before the car rental begins, the payment will be refunded in the amount of 50% paid.

What are the advantages of renting cars through your service?

Our service represents the best car rental companies and gives you the opportunity to get great discounts.

What is included in the cost of all car services?

The cost of services includes driver services, if you prefer to rent a car with a driver, fuel, car insurance and mileage calculated for each trip.

If I need a child seat, can I get it?

Our service takes into account all the necessary equipment for a comfortable and safe trip. Together with the car you can rent additional equipment in the form of a child seat, GPS system, etc.

With how much fuel will I get a car?

All cars are equipped with a full fuel tank and must be replenished before returning the car to the landlord.

If before returning the car, it was not able to fill it with fuel?

In such case, you will be charged at current gasoline / diesel prices when you return it.

Do I have to wash and clean the car before returning?

In case the car requires a special cleaning procedure (i.e., odor removal, animal contamination, spilling liquids, etc.) upon return, a minimum fee of US $ 10.00 will be charged.

Intercity taxi *

How to book an intercity taxi?

You can form an order directly on our website or through our mobile application.

Intercity taxi will take me from anywhere in Uzbekistan?

Our service has provided everything for your convenience, wherever you are, a taxi is always ready to pick up and take you to the right place.

Will the taxi driver know my language?

Taxi drivers know Uzbek, Russian and maybe partly English.

How long before departure can I order a car?

At any time you can form a car order.

How can I pay for auto services?

For your convenience, we have provided an opportunity to pay for auto services in 3 ways:

Right on the site in online regime, pay 100% of the service or make a 20% guarantee payment and the rest of the sum in cash in the national currency to the driver.

Can I choose for travel several cities and regions?

Yes, you can fully compose a route to several cities in the country.

Purchase of air and railway tickets *

How to buy an air ticket through the "Uzbekistan Pass" service?

You can buy an air ticket through the section "Air and railway tickets" service "Uzbekistan Pass" by selecting the purchase module - "Air tickets". The system will redirect you to the ticket sales service of National Airline "Uzbekistan Airways", where you can easily and simply purchase an air ticket.

How to buy a railway ticket through the service "Uzbekistan Pass?

You can buy a railway ticket through the "Air and railway tickets" section of the "UzbekistanPass" service by selecting the module for purchasing "railway tickets". The system will redirect you to the service of selling train tickets in the JSC "Uzbekiston Temir Yullari" where you can easily and simply purchase a railway ticket.

Can I return a purchased air or railway ticket?

Yes, you can! To do this, you will need to directly contact National Airline "Uzbekistan Havo Yullari" and JSC "Uzbekiston Temir Yullari."

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