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The philosophy of Sufism

7 days, 6 Nights | Ташкент, Самарканд, Бухара, Навоий, Ташкентская область, Ташкент
Tour program:
Day 1, Arrival in Tashkent
Meeting guests at the Tashkent International Airport, transfer to the hotel, check-in and start of Uzbek hospitality. Dinner at the restaurant, where guests will be offered national dishes and drinks.
Day 2, Departure to Bukhara
Breakfast at the hotel and departure to the city of Bukhara on a comfortable bus. Already on the way, various conversations, recordings in audio format, live performance of Sufi legends and legends await you. Arriving in the city of Samarkand, guests will be offered the cuisine of the region and, of course, after a delicious lunch, visit the Al Bukhari memorial complex. And again on the road to Bukhara along the highway with a view from the bus window to the villages, gardens, fields of the ancient regions of Samarkand and Navai. Arrival in Bukhara and checking into a hotel, dinner and rest.
Day 3, Pilgrimage
Breakfast at the hotel, then, visit to the religious memorial complexes "Khoja Abdulholik Gizhduvoniy", "Khoja Orif Revgariy" and "Khoja Muhammad Boboyi Samosiy". Guests will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the sights, pray and honor the memory of the Great Sufis. Lunch at the restaurant and the continuation of the excursion to the Khodja Said Amir Kulol and Khoja Bahouddin Naqshband complexes. Dinner and personal time.
Day 4, Excursion
After breakfast, you will have an excursion around the historical part of Bukhara: Ark, Minorai Kalon, shopping arcades and much more. Guests will also visit other ancient buildings, where they will be introduced to various periods of the ancient city of Bukhara. For lunch, the group will taste Bukhara pilaf Sophie Osh. After lunch there will be an opportunity for independent walks around the city. After dinner, the group will have the opportunity to attend the performances of artists and dance groups of the region.
Day 5, Departure to Tashkent
Breakfast in the hotel. Departure to the city of Tashkent, with a stop in Nurat. The emergence of Nurata is associated with Alexander the Great, who, according to legend, laid the fortress of Nur in this place. In Nurat is located the healing spring of Chashma. Also, the city is an important religious center. Actively visited by tourists. Having lunch in the steppes of Nurata, we leave for the city of Tashkent. Upon arrival, dinner and relaxation.
Day 6, Tashkent tour
Breakfast at the hotel and departure to the mausoleum of Sufi Zangi-Ota in the Tashkent region, lunch in the city of Tashkent (Tashkent holiday pilaf). After lunch, visit the Hazrati Imam religious complex (Abu Bakr ibn Ismail al-Kaffal al-Shoshiy). The ensemble, which was built near the grave of the imam of the city of Tashkent, a scholar, scholar of the Koran and hadiths, one of the first preachers of Islam in Tashkent, a poet and craftsman Hazrati Imam. Dinner and relaxation.
Day 7, Mountains of Tashkent
After breakfast, departure to the mountains of the Tashkent region, lunch in the mountains. On the final day there will be joint cooking of the dish, which is deservedly included in the UNESCO intangible heritage - Uzbek pilaf. The best cooks of Tashkent will help us with this. After a hearty dinner prepared by our own hands, we will leave again for Tashkent. Arrival in the city of Tashkent. Eviction from the hotel. Seeing the group at the airport in Tashkent.

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