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Secrets of Uzbek cuisine

1 days, 0 Nights | Ташкент
Tour program:
Day 1,
Hike to the Uzbek bazaar You will visit one of the largest, most famous and ancient markets of Uzbekistan - Chorsu, where you will experience the full depth of the oriental flavor and learn how to choose spices and spices. On a walk through the colorful shopping streets you will hear about the rich history of Chorsu, which has been known since the Middle Ages. You will learn how the bazaar looked in different eras and how important it was for the development of the city and trade. Tasting of national dishes. Then we will go to the most popular restaurant of national cuisine in Tashkent. You will find an excellent lunch of all kinds of dishes of the Uzbek cuisine: we will definitely try real Uzbek pilaf, fresh Achichuk salad, samsa, Uzbek manty and other delicacies. At lunch, you will be told about the specifics of the Uzbek cuisine: how rice is grown for pilaf, which spices are preferred by local chefs and much more.

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