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Discounts for visiting cultural and historical institutions throughout Uzbekistan more
Best prices and discounts from national artisans throughout Uzbekistan more
Mobile connection
SIM card with a good mobile connection and internet more
Best prices and discounts in the hotels throughout Uzbekistan more
Restaurants and cafés
Best prices and discounts in restaurants and cafes throughout Uzbekistan more
Shopping and entertainment
Best prices and discounts in trade entertainment centers all across Uzbekistan more
Transfer and taxi
Best prices and discounts for transfer and taxi services throughout Uzbekistan more
Medical insurance for travelers / tourists for up to 11,000 US dollars. more

How to use the discount "Uzbekistan Pass"?


About "Uzbekistan Pass" discount cards

How much does the discount card "Uzbekistan Pass" cost?

The maximum daily cost of a discount card (one discount code) is 16 dollars, but we offer a flexible system of discounts, which allows you to reduce the cost of the card to $5 a day and even lower *.

Types of discounts:

  • Quantitative discounts. The more number of days and / or cards you choose when buying, the more discounts you get;
  • Seasonal and holiday discounts;
  • Affiliate discounts (promotional codes).

* With simultaneous purchase of 10 cards with a period of 30 days, the average daily cost of 1 card will be $ 4.96, excluding seasonal, holiday and partner discounts (Discount card cost calculator).

How much can you save with the discount card "Uzbekistan Pass"?

In fact, it is very difficult to calculate the real savings since it depends on the number of tourists who use one card, their activity, the amount of the check and other factors. According to our calculations, the couple, having bought a 5-day discount card, will save about 200 dollars (not taking into account the cost of the card itself). This table will help you estimate the savings.

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What types of «Uzbekistan Pass» discount card are available?

In our system, you can simultaneously buy up to 10 discount cards, thereby we divide them into individual and group (more than one card). We offer big discounts for group cards. Group cards have the same start date and end date of activation. Such cards can be interesting for groups of tourists who plan to be accommodated in different rooms of the hotel and not depend on each other while traveling around the city or the whole country.

Moreover, our discount cards are divided into electronic (discount QR code on the mobile device) and physical, and can be used both together and separately.

What does one discount card "Uzbekistan Pass" offer?

We offer an advantageous system of using our discount cards, in which one card can be used by several tourists at once. So, one card provides:

  • in hotels. Book one room for several people* or two rooms for a family with children;
  • in cafes and restaurants. Pay a bill for one table regardless of the sum **;
  • in Trade & Entertainment centers for the purchase of souvenirs. Pay one bill regardless of the sum and number of your friends;
  • when using the services of a guide. Pay one bill regardless of the sum and number of your friends;
  • when using transport services (transfer from/to the airport, intercity taxi, car rental with driver). Book one car for several passengers

* Hotels can limit the number of guests in one room.

** Some establishments may limit the number of guests at one table

Welcome to Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is an inexpressible color of the eastern fairy tale, known to everyone since childhood! Every city and every street in our country is saturated with the spirit of Eastern culture, centuries-old wisdom, secrets and traditions of the East. Plunge into the world of oriental fairy tales with us!

Download a mobile app

Download the free mobile application UzPass and enjoy a tour all around Uzbekistan:

  • Information catalog
  • Mobile navigator;
  • Discounts (hotels, restaurants, shopping and much more);
  • Online booking: hotels, tour packages, transport, guides;
  • Medical insurance of a tourist;
  • Safety (SOS - Button)
  • Free Internet traffic from UMS for the application.

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