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The best offers from partners “Uzbekistan Pass”!

We have gathered trusted service and trade providers: restaurants, hotels, transport, tours, attractions, entertainment and shopping centers. We check every company to guarantee the quality of its services and goods. The best service, unique features, unique experiences guaranteed!

Tourist passport from the service “Uzbekistan Pass”!

Tourist passport is a system of discounts and bonuses operating in Uzbekistan! A passport is used to save money in everyday purchases of goods and services that can be used by both citizens for everyday expenses and foreign tourists traveling in Uzbekistan. Having issued a Passport, just trust us and enjoy the savings!

How to get a tourist passport “Uzbekistan Pass”?

  1. Download the UzPass app on the App Store or Play Market.
  2. Go to the passport section and fill out all the fields indicated (the section is in the lower left corner of the application).
  3. After payment, a passport will appear in the application. You can activate it at any convenient time and use it!

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Advantages of “Uzbekistan Pass” services!
Guaranteed quality of service
We conclude partnership agreements only with those companies who ensure quality customer service.
We guarantee the safety of online payments, personal data and a refund when a booking is canceled.
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Modern IT technologies
Internet portal combining all necessary online services (hotels, transport, guides, tours, visas and air tickets).
Very convenient mobile application that also has all the online functions necessary for the tourist.
Tourist passport in a mobile application for real savings when purchasing goods and services in Uzbekistan.
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