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Best prices and discounts in the hotels throughout Uzbekistan More...
Restaurants and cafés
Best prices and discounts in restaurants and cafes throughout Uzbekistan More...
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Discounts for visiting cultural and historical institutions throughout Uzbekistan More...
Best prices and discounts from national artisans throughout Uzbekistan More...
Shopping and entertainment
Best prices and discounts in trade entertainment centers all across Uzbekistan More...
Transfer and taxi
Best prices and discounts for transfer and taxi services throughout Uzbekistan More...
Free insurance for the period of activation of "Uzbekistan Pass" discount card More...
Mobile connection
SIM card with a good mobile connection and internet More...

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Tashkent region
Jizzakh region
Navoi region
Andijan region

How much you'll save with UzbekistanPass?

  • 12$Accommodation
  • 8$Nutrition
  • 6$Sights
  • 12$Entertainment
  • 6$Souvenirs
  • 12$Hop on Hop Off
  • 3$Guide services
Your savings per day will be from 57$
  • 10$Accommodation
  • 5$Nutrition
  • 3$Sights
  • 10$Entertainment
  • 15$Souvenirs
  • 3$Guide services
Your savings per day will be from 46$
  • 12$Accommodation
  • 12$Nutrition
  • 12$Sights
  • 12$Entertainment
  • 18$Souvenirs
  • 12$Guide services
Your savings per day will be from 49$
  • 10$Accommodation
  • 5$Nutrition
  • 3$Sights
  • 10$Souvenirs
  • 3$Guide services
Your savings per day will be from 31$

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Welcome to Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is an inexpressible color of the eastern fairy tale, known to everyone since childhood! Every city and every street in our country is saturated with the spirit of Eastern culture, centuries-old wisdom, secrets and traditions of the East. Plunge into the world of oriental fairy tales with us!

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Register in your embassy
Always have local money
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